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Mercury Trine Jupiter - With Mercury Trine your Jupiter your mind is very tolerant towards others Mercury Trine Jupiter Planet-Aspects Astrology Report.
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Daily Astrology: August 20th, 12222. Mercury trine Jupiter. Multiverse of Inspiration.

The full moon will always be in the sign opposite of the sun. Now, with the Sun in Cancer, you can know that the full moon is in Capricorn — a sign ruled by Saturn. Set My Soul Free The sun opposing Saturn on the 27th urges you to break free but it also brings up all of the reasons why you think that you cannot.

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What are the ties that bind you? What is your path to breaking free? Where do you hold ancestral bondage in your body? Plus, on Tuesday the 26th, Mars stations retrograde. Translated, this all speaks to owning your power and not giving it away!

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The stars are urging us all now to break free — release old habits, relationships, patterns, anything that holds you back. New to this site? AstroCartoGraphy shows you the way! People have looked to the sky since ancient times to learn how to live in harmony with the cycles of nature.

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And, this week brings us to one of the more notable times of the year — Summer Solstice on Thursday, June 21st. For the ancient skywatchers, solstice was a time when the sun had reached its most northern point. For three days, the sun stands still in the sky, and then it begins marking time and direction towards the south.

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  • Solstice is considered to be a cosmic still point. For the ancient Vikings, summer solstice was a time to meet, discuss legal matters, and resolve disputes. Relationships with lawyers should be good and any legal dealings you have now should be successful, especially those relating to business ventures.

    Mercury Trine Jupiter Transit

    Travel related to business is favored. Mercantile operations are unusually profitable.

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    You can see the broad picture now, so make long range plans. If Jupiter is lord of your 1st house, it is a great time to expand your knowledge of the world. Communication and learning are highly favored. If lord of your 2nd, it is a good time to make financial plans and work on your overall budget, but leave the details for later. Commerce is favored. If lord of your 3rd, it is an excellent time to go back to school as your mind is ready to grow. Interesting coincidences seem to be more frequent. Communication is favored with relatives and siblings. You are a person of integrity, with high standards of behavior.

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    Because of this, you can win the esteem of persons in high places, who could safely delegate you to represent them. You would handle the opportunity well, for your manners are good, and you can fit in easily with any level of society. You are probably sought after to grace important local and state functions, and you are on first-name bais with important political personalities.

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    Your breezy nature endears you to a wide circle of friends. You stimulate the best in people, and they are impressed with your kind and affable disposition. You are an enjoyable partner to the one you love because you have a good sense of humor and enjoy a variety of interests.